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We are your perfect financial services specialists! We aim at tackling your financial obstacles by offering cost-effective and innovative solutions. We help you seize opportunities by resourcefully monitoring your company’s finances and taxation services in Dubai.

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Our highly customer-centric approach and industry-leading expertise allow us to educate and empower you to make the right decisions for your company. We understand that finance and your business goals go together and simply overall business process.

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Our leaders are experienced in commercial finance, financial planning, taxation, business operations and human resources. We have dealt with multinationals, SMEs, and sole traders for the past 30 years and helped them define their business and financial goals.

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Choose EFFICIENT CFO as we give emphasis to overall business and financial planning based on your specific requirements.


At EFFICIENT CFO, we comprehend with your dilemma and care for you. This enables us to offer you transparent and unbiased financial services in the UAE. 


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At EFFICIENT CFO, our efforts and expertise help you meet your business objectives and financial goals assuring a personalized service focusing on quality and accuracy.

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To Offer Professional & Dedicated Financial Services in Dubai, UAE

We are global financial service providers in Dubai, with a focus to plan and execute strategies that support your financials as well as your entire business. We offer trusted advice, tailored assistance and goal-based solutions suiting various industries.

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To Identify & Define Financial Goals

We identify and define your financial goals, prioritize them and achieve these goals with a clear vision.

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Be it our CFO consultancy services or accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai – we make sure we offer you full-proof assistance.

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We Work Towards The Financial Betterment Of Your Company

We offer you transparent and unbiased financial services in the UAE. We also realise that the element of trust and confidentiality is very vital. Hence, we ensure credibility and always maintain privacy. Our aim is to offer all-inclusive services under one-roof – making it practical and cost-effective for you. So, choose us because we:


Frequently Asked Questions​

Tax services in Dubai are crucial, as managing the taxes in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE can be tough! The UAE government keeps updating the tax regimes It keeps changing the laws regarding taxes levied on business or business person residing in Dubai. Recently, the UAE government imposed the VAT on goods and services sold, which was not in order till January 2018, and now we are all set to roll out the corporate tax.

However, an additional excise tax is levied on goods and products deemed harmful to human health and the environment. No income tax is imposed on Dubai residents, expats, or freelancers working in Dubai. (An individual tax is implied on the residents and non-residents (expats, etc.) subject to the social security regime.) Not too sure about this one? Many other taxes are levied on all the other regimes in UAE, including double taxation, tourist facility tax, property transfer tax, and many other regional taxes.

Simply put, it is no easy job to understand the tax services in Dubai without the assistance of experts in this field. Book a free consultation now, EFFICIENT CFO, to clear out all the queries related to taxes in Dubai.

The UAE government keeps changing and updating the tax regime in Dubai as this is an ongoing exercise in any country. Moreover, businesses must follow several tax systems correctly without any process errors or issues. Businesses and even individuals, like freelancers and other business people, need an accountant to perfectly manage their accounts and finances.

An accountant needs to take care of the most crucial part of any service or individual. Maintaining the financial reports, preparing the tax returns, and taking care of the taxes paid on time, strategizing and evaluating the financial operations, and continuously working towards the financial growth of any business or individual are the major services of an accountant. In Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, an accountant is almost required for every business because of the critical tax system.

However, finding good accounting services in Dubai sometimes gets overwhelming because of the urgency of requirements. Finding a good accountant is not that simple.

Therefore, businesses opt to outsource accounting services in Dubai. Book a free consultation or appointment with our experts to get Dubai’s best-outsourced accounting services.

Dubai’s accounting and bookkeeping services are essential for any business or business individual. The tax system in Dubai is typical and easy to understand because the UAE government keeps changing and updating the tax laws. The government also rolls off or adds new taxes for different regimes. In a country where the taxing system is so critical, you must understand what accounting and bookkeeping services are and how they can benefit your business.

Accounting Services measuring: The accounting service means measuring, processing, and communicating financial information. Accountants work to get information about economic entities like financial reports, accounting, cost containment, auditing, taxation, and other accounting systems. But the services are not limited to these entities mentioned above. The main focus of the service is to scale your business so that you achieve greater heights.

Bookkeeping services: saving the information and keeping all the financial activities recorded in the form of financial books is called bookkeeping. Bookkeeping services include five types of accounts: equity, liabilities, assets, costs (expenses), and revenue (income). The primary goal of bookkeeping is to record all the financial transactions and identify, measure, and record them whenever required.

To get accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai for your business or company, contact us now and get a free consultation from our experts!

Any business needs to be financially strong to move forward and generate great results and revenue over the year. A CFO is key to achieving financial freedom for your business within a certain period. With the strong back of a CFO, your business can grow exponentially. The CFO is responsible for maintaining financial discipline, controlling the compliance of rules and regulations, creating financial strategies, identifying risks, and maintaining decorum in money-related matters.

Businesses today see no sense in hiring a full-time or permanent CFO, which is why they outsource CFO services from various firms. A CFO can cost too much if you search for a full-time CFO. Therefore, you must go for firms, like EFFICIENT CFO, that offer such services.

The rates of CFO services in Dubai can vary from business to business. The scope of the services will make a real difference in the costs. The cost can vary from AED 10,000 to AED 50,000 per month. The differential range in the cost is because of part of the business’s service requirements. 

As the name suggests, business process enhancement or improvement is how business or enterprise leaders analyze the areas in which improvement is required. The analysis is done based on efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness. The fields that need improvement are updated to be more effective than before.

The basic requirement of this process is to develop a sense of continuous improvement in various processes within the enterprise. By identifying the weaknesses of the businesses, the board members can achieve great results, like cutting expenses and eradicating the disinclined efforts of the employees. Better compliance with the rules; overall improvement in the services or products; speeding up the results; and other such improvements.

All these improvements result in a better fulfilment of customer demands. Overall, fine-tuning the business is the result of business process enhancement. Business process enhancement in Dubai requires a great team of experts or professionals who can make efficient decisions and continuously improve your working efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness.

EFFICIENT CFO is one of the best companies that provide business process enhancement in Dubai. For a free consultation and to get loads of information from our experts, contact us now!

Any business runs effortlessly if its processes are excellent and errorless. However, fulfilling this requirement sometimes becomes complicated because of some early methods or investments. These implications can cause havoc if not dealt with within a reasonable time.

Business process reengineering is a method through which a business can redesign its processes and make them more efficient by improving the quality, cost, service, speed, and much more within the systems. Its main aim is to reduce the company’s costs and increase its sales and services. Besides BPI, BPR’s focuses on making huge changes from a high-level management perspective.

In the 1990s, many motor companies, like Ford, GTE, etc., changed their customer support systems. The companies were doling out millions just for customer satisfaction. They needed to take the customer’s query to whatever department the customer needed support from. However, this process was not much more efficient than what we have today as customer care support. Customers first encounter an erratic dial tone whenever they need any issue fixed. This business process reengineering case changed the customer care support system.

Reach out to EFFICIENT CFO now to book your free consultation with our business process reengineering consultant in Dubai!

Planning to start your own business is one of the biggest decisions of your life. To have this decision and seek the success you planned, you need to understand all the aspects clearly. Switching from your current job or wanting to start something new requires the same perceptiveness of your mind to set up the business. A personal business coach is a key to that perspective.

A personal business coach has many responsibilities and can really be impactful on the journey to setting up your own business:

  • Giving you clarity on your business goal.
  • Making you understand the importance of the mission and vision of the business.
  • Addressing what a unique value proposition is.
  • Helping you manage your time effectively.
  • Stress management and risk management.

Finding a personal business coach in Dubai is not a hectic task, as many firms or companies provide these services to their clients. One of the best companies is EFFICIENT CFO. Contact our experts now to get your own personal business coach in Dubai!

Financial services are the backbone of your business as they manage all your financial requirements. It is not just one service but a group of many sub-services under the heading. Financial services include a broad range of services.

Companies need a financial advisor to manage their monetary funds and keep a keen eye on any money issues or risks that have the potential to arise in the future. There is no single financial advisor that can fulfil the job alone. As mentioned above, a wide range of services is covered under the financial services range. Each sub-service needs a different manager to carry on.

The broad categories into which the services can be classified are:

Accounting: It is the job in which an accountant needs to manage, create, and keep all the financial records.

Advisory: The financial advisory assists the organization in identifying and managing its monetary funds and strategizing its plans.

Analysis: Financial analysts are big-picture analysts and are more than advisors; they help industries and companies strategize for financial success.

Investment and management: Under investments, institutional investors manage and invest any business’s money on their behalf. On the other hand, portfolio managers are individuals doing the same job of investing money on others’ behalf.


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