What Are The 7 Phases of Business Process Reengineering n Dubai?

Business Process Re-Engineering In Dubai

Business landscapes are always dynamic because the industry in which they operate isn’t still but keeps moving, and evolving with time. Owing to these ever-changing trends, many times fundamental rethinking may be required to have the whole business effectively run in the long term.  But it isn’t easy at all! Many times, you have no way but to adapt to the market trend and be prepared for a major shift.

A high level of conceptual sound bites of business operations needs to be considered, updated, altered, and amended to get the business back in a well-working state. The whole process is commonly named Business Process Re-engineering.

Here we learn the 7 phases of Business Process Reengineering in Dubai,  these approach helps you in re-building the face of your company. But what is BPR, know it carefully before proceeding.

What is Business Process Reengineering?

Business Process Reengineering (BPR), sometimes abbreviated as Business Process Redesigning is an approach that lets you structurally refine your business workflow.

In short, BPR isn’t just a slight change in the business process, but it is a step and an initiative towards dramatic business improvement. The company prepares itself for a big refinement when the idea of BPR rolls in.

After all, it comprises a re-structuring of organizational activities, performances, job descriptions, and training. Most notably, the IT (Information Technology) Department of the company witnesses a big review.

But unfortunately, not all BPR Projects derive meaningful outcomes.  Any confusion surrounding BPR attempt contributes to repetitive trials and error that affects the overall business process.

List of Challenges Faced by Business Process Reengineering in Dubai:

Mentioned below are some common challenges faced by the company when implementing the business process re-engineering.

  • Resistance in business operation
  • Hard to overcome business tradition
  • Time requirements
  • Cost & Job Losses

Coming to the Point – These are the 7 Phases of Business Process Reengineering in Dubai:

Here’s a breakdown of 7 steps that complete business process reengineering and what each of them comprises, take a look –

1. Setting up the Vision and Business Goals

Before establishing an enterprise, the first thing you always consider on priority is setting up the vision and business goals that tend to shrink and become unattainable if the existing business workflow isn’t as good as expected. Again when dreaming of business process re-engineering, vision and business goals must be properly finalized but this time it must be an effort to find a business goal that is reachable in a short time. Depending on the budget that in this case allows you for more spending and time investment, you can make a flexible decision.

2. Establish a Competent Team

During the BPR process, you will have to emerge with a more competent personality, and also with a dedicated, and spirited team that is ready to put their best in. Your previous working experience with these folks will surely help you shortlist the best personality in your team this time. BPR can require them to work for an extra hour and can ask them to put extra effort into the new business concept. So make sure you have it cleared to them in advance.

3. Understanding the Current Business Process

Your current business process can’t be left unnoticed. Since it can be a sudden shift to a whole new business module, challenges and confusion probabilities automatically rise. For the best practices, it is always recommended to keep the current business modules in mind. Make sure your previous or current business elements aren’t wasted. Your re-engineered business will work at its best if your former business module has been well-aligned with business activities and execution. So make sure you don’t skip it. In most events, your former business is an insight-giver into something good that you can choose for your brand-new business concept.

4. Redesigning the Whole Process

It’s worth noting that business process re-designing isn’t easy. It involves a creative set of ideations, aligned with a future-state map with a well-defined solution on a big picture. Once you have successfully identified your current business and its issues, you can readily re-design the whole business process hereafter.

5. Catching a Glimpse of Simulation

Businesses sometimes end up ruining their capital and wasting their precious time by repeating errors and not focusing on trials. However, we aren’t talking about an in-house trial, because it can be ineffective sometimes. Indeed, we meant simulating the whole business model using special software. The technology-driven activity will provide you with a preview of the changes and ideas that you are about to deploy through BPR. You can make sure whether things involved in business process re-engineering will work out in your favour or if they will need changes or requisite upgrades.

6. Deploying Re-engineered Process

Now that are you well-versed with business process re-engineering ideas, you can think about the deployment of the same. Still, rather than deploying everything at once, you can deploy a small test. This will give you the necessary time for adjustment and correcting errors that most commonly arrive in the due course.

7. Monitoring the Work Flow

Once you are confident enough for business reengineering, it’s time to start the most critical part of the journey – the monitoring. Keep your eyes on everything happening around the BPR project. Don’t skip even a small thing that sounds unnecessary. Focus on the requisite business activities as well, but don’t ignore these minor fragments as they could be a symptom of something big that tends to ruin the health of your reengineered business process in the future.

Final Words

So that’s all you should study, learn and practice for business process reengineering in Dubai or any other region. It could be an intricate thing you may be considering to change your entire business game, but in the end, it has multiple benefits to offer to your company and your wealth or reputation in the future.

Your company and its employees have their eyes on you and being a responsible owner or business manager, it is your duty to keep your business stand out in the toughest landscape.

So, if you would like to analyze your business, take a quick quiz to understand your business health – QUIZ or simply reach out to book a free consultation with the industry expert.

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