How can Financial Service Providers in Dubai Help Businesses?

financial service provider in Dubai

Business in the UAE or United Arab Emirates has flourished significantly over the past few years, given the positive endorsements made by the government. The government and economic and commerce ministries have allowed various businesses to be operated in the country. An area that has faced significant development in business in Dubai.

When you start a business, taking some important advice from financial service providers is a plus point. Specifically, when starting a business in Dubai, financial service providers must understand all the rules and regulations. If you are a foreigner who intends to start a business in Dubai, financial service providers can significantly help you get accustomed to the terms of business in the UAE.

With the rapid growth and development of industries and businesses in Dubai, even financial service providers are showing depth in their services to help businesses flourish in the UAE. Some of the best financial services provider in the UAE are based in Dubai to assist every business and show them the path towards growth and development for a better economic state of the country.

What Do Financial Service Providers Do?

Financial service providers advise businesses on how to cope with the local terms of business, manage accounts, deal with monetary issues, and mainly manage the bulk of finances. When you directly deal with high-end financial services companies in Dubai, they provide services on banking, insurance, market listing, investments, monetary analysis, and much more.

Moreover, the financial service-providing sector can be considered a macro sector. Within this parent sector, multiple micro sectors contribute to the collective growth of the economy and commerce within a marketplace.

What Are The Major Areas Where Businesses Require Financial Service Providers In Dubai?

As discussed earlier, there are multiple micro sectors under the parent sector of financial service providing. Here we have listed some of the most important financial service in Dubai that can help a business build and develop through all the challenges a business faces in a marketplace.


The accounting sector creates and maintains the financial records of a particular organization and interprets them into the monetary fluidity of that organization. Most companies prefer an in-house accounts department, while businesses hire third-party accounting services since it saves more funds and effort.

The accountants maintain balance sheets, income statements, and specific cash flow statements, allowing them to understand the business’ approach towards their monetary action. They provide holistic reports to the business owners that help the business thrive in the market, take the right financial steps, and maintain proper competition in the market.

These reports can be effectively used to decide the investments, create budgets and make important financial decisions for the company’s collective good.

However, an accounts department needs to be extremely precise on the reports they provide since it decides an organization’s future and present approach.

Here are some services provided by the accounts sector:

  • Creating, maintaining, and managing the financial reports of the business and regulations of the organization.
  • Providing extensive financial reports to the company authorities.
  • Preparing and submitting tax files and returns on time and with accuracy.
  • Identifying and analyzing market conditions, opportunities and issues to maximize profit and minimize losses.
  • Creating a clear picture of the organization’s approach and finances connects the gap between the business owners, investors, lenders, and customers.


Like the accounting sector, the financial advisory sector is another crucial part of running a business. Most often, the advisors strategize the future steps and plan an organization should take to maximize profit. These strategies are created through the reports released by the accounts department. However, the advisory panel is not responsible for maintaining or creating financial reports and managing tax documents.

Most companies and businesses hire third-party advisory services since employing an in-house advisory panel can be costly and time-consuming. Moreover, a company would not always need an advisory board unless it faces extreme financial distress.

Here are some of the services provided by the advisory sector:

  • Assessing an organization’s financial condition and approach.
  • Provide guidance and expert advice on how a company should behave in the market from a financial standpoint.
  • Providing personalized advice depending on a company’s financial condition, investments, and interests in the market.


Financial analysis is one of the most important departments for a business to run and grow properly. Analysts work mainly through firms or agency settings where they serve multiple clients at the same time. However, specific organizations prefer to cater to in-house financial analysts to boost productivity. Just like advisors and accountants, analysts also use financial reports and devise relevant strategies to help a company gain good ground for maintaining its finances.

An analyst’s main job is to collect financial and relevant data and numbers of the business, calculate them and produce required reports. To achieve these data and numbers, they have the freedom to interview anyone in the company. From the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to the factory manager and worker. This report helps them assess the financial state of a company.

Here are some of the services provided by the analysis sector:

  • Gathering qualitative and quantitative data about an organization’s financial condition and approach in the market.
  • Analyzing the data available about the industry and the market to determine the organization’s condition in the market.
  • Create reports and trend charts to help the organization determine future investments and identify risks and opportunities.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management firms or portfolio managers are agencies or individuals who manage businesses’ investment and market capital. They buy, sell and manage securities like stocks, bonds, or investments in other ventures on behalf of the company that hired them. Most often, portfolio management is done through third-party agencies. They hold a great deal of knowledge and depth about market conditions, specifically the securities market.

Here are some of the services provided by the portfolio management sector:

  • Designing and managing the investment portfolios of the clients.
  • Considering the risks in the market and the client’s financial condition, developing personalized investment plans for them.
  • Helping the clients to buy and sell their investments to maximize profit margins.
  • Giving short-term reports to the clients about the performance of their clients.
  • Analyzing the client’s investment strategy and defining the impacts it can have, be it good or bad.


When starting a business getting help from a financial service provider in Dubai can be a great boost. Since they know all about the rules and regulations, they can help you settle and make the most out of your business.

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